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Our Standard Services

Custom Renderings

Renderings are computer generated images that are the key to helping us visually communicate details that we might not be able to otherwise verbalize. They are a powerful tool for communication because they can convey a lot of information in a way that is both visually appealing and easy to understand. This makes them ideal for a variety of purposes in Interior Design.

Mood Board Selections

Renderings and mood
boards are two essential tools for interior designers. Renderings provide a visual representation of the designer’s vision, while mood boards help to bring that vision to life by providing inspiration and guidance. We help source every item needed to complete the desired design.

Furniture Selections

The mood of a space can be changed drastically by changing just a few key elements. For example, changing the color scheme can create a completely
different atmosphere. The same is true for the furniture and accessories. This is where we explore helping you curate your
homes custom mood & feel.

Floor Plans

This is the vital information that communicates the intricate design details that are hidden within each design. This makes quoting and estimating your project possible. The floor plans communicate to the contractor key plumbing, lighting, electrical locations to to better execute your design smoothly.

Our Specialty Services

Decorating & Styling

Looking for that HGTV experience? Want to come home to a beautifully styled home worthy of a magazine cover? Don’t know how to pull your new home’s look together? This is where we shine! Let us help take the
pressure off of shopping for the “right” elements, as we specialize in layering textures to help creature that lush and complete home experience that you crave.

Sourcing Custom Materials

Custom designs sometimes means needing custom materials, and not everyone has access to order from the industries leading design manufactures and retailers. Working with us means that you have exclusive access to ordering from the
worlds leading furniture and design vendors.

Project Procurement

This is where we take on the responsibility of bringing your designs to life. We source, and order materials. Then manage shipping, vendors, freight communications, and delivery to make sure your materials arrive on time and intact. We take care of your purchases as if they’re our own, and make sure that your design gets executed properly. Project Procurement is for client’s looking for that peace of mind experience when remodeling.

Project Management

We’ve designed it, now need someone to build it? Why not trust the person who knows your wants, needs and design the best? We manage the entirety of your project to ensure you the best possible outcome. Getting you in touch with the right people that have the skills to complete your project.

Our Pricing

In Home Consultation

starting at $300

This is a great opportunity for us to see your space, meet in person, discuss ideas, brainstorm solutions, show you sample products, take pictures & measurements, and get a rough sketch of your homes layout. This will help us get a better sense of your style and your home’s functional needs.

Hourly Rate

$150 per hour

Envizion Design’s Hourly Rate is based off the Interior Design Industry Standard’s, Experience, Demand for Services and Designer Style Expertise. This is a nonnegotiable standard rate applied to all contracts and design packages. This is how we determine a client’s contract fees.

What Our Clients Say