Hi! My name is Alex Aldrich, and I am the Owner & Lead Designer of Envizion Designs. At the young age of 19 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and found myself struggling with my symptoms and looking for relief. I took control of my health the only way I knew how and taught myself how to cook. Luckily my husband-to-be was patient and encouraging, even after years of trial and error, burnt dinners, and kitchen mishaps, because now I have the honor of holding the title of Self-Proclaimed “Semi-Pro” Iron-Chef. Because of my lifestyle and need for adaption to almost all my food, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and feeding my small family of 3. I understand the needs of every Pro, Semi-Pro, or Non-Pro Iron Chefs alike. Your kitchen needs to function properly, it needs to be beautiful, and most importantly needs to be a place your friends and family will want to gather, and I bring that energy and thoughts into all my projects.

I originally pursued a degree in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from the Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. After working a few years in the field, I quickly learned that doing repetitive activities was just not for me. While I was realizing I was unhappy with my line of work, I was remodeling and redesigning my own home. This is when I found my passion and love for design. I have been working in the field of interior design since 2018, and started out in a furniture store as a design and sales rep. I worked my way up to junior interior designer at a design build company in Denver, and then move to Jacksonville, Florida and worked as a cabinetry designer & project manager in an interior design company. I am now the owner and lead designer of Envizion Designs and have helped clients all over the country designing beautiful homes.

I have a passion for all things art & design, nutrition & health; and in my free time I enjoy gardening, biking, and spending time with my friends and family at the beach, pool, or lake. My biggest strengths are my strong math skills from my education in science, and my eye for the detail that stems from my creative side and love of art. But that’s enough about me, It’s time to hear from you! Hit the “Let’s Talk” button or Send Us A Message so I can get to know more about you and your project. I look forward to hearing from you!

Alex Aldrich

Founder & Lead Designer